Kidnapped By Nuns ... and Hugged By His Readers!, April 3, 2015
Michael Freedman
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This review is from: Kidnapped By Nuns: And Other Stories of a Life on the Radio (Paperback)
Bob Fuss artfully combines the story of his fabulous radio career with the types of travelogues you want to keep at your side while exploring the planet. Funny, poignant, informational, entertaining and insightful, Fuss takes his readers on a tour of the real world and the world of broadcast news (which is often surreal). Must reading for everyone who loves journalism, broadcasting, radio, a tale of courage and strength, and just a damn good story!

You Won't be Able to Put it Down!
ByDonald Fulsomon April 2, 2015
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Exciting travel adventures; behind-the-scene accounts of political races and candidates, and an astute account of what's gone wrong with our political system,. The most educational and enjoyable book I've read in a long time!

I loved this book on so many levels
ByNikki Bennett "Nikki"on March 19, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I loved this book on so many levels. It's part travel log, part autobiography, part political tidbits, and all fascinating. I enjoyed every bit of it, even the political stuff, which, if you know me, is normally not my thing at all. But Bob Fuss has a way of describing pretty much everything in an easy, fun way. So I'll break it down here into the different areas.

Travel: Of course, the travel parts were my favorites. I enjoyed all Bob's many adventures: from shooting rapids on the Colorado River, to exploring the Amazon, to his adventures in Cambodia. This guy has been all over the place, and reading about his travels made me want to pack my bags right this instant and hit the road.

There's also a ton of good suggestions on where to stay and what to do in his travel sections. I'm pretty sure I'll be referencing this book in the future as I plan my trip this year to Cambodia, and now I want to get down to South America so bad I can almost taste it.

Autobiography: I'm fascinated with Fuss's life because I see a lot of myself in his story. He's had to use crutches most of his life, and while I've been lucky and haven't, trying to do everything I want to do while struggling with cerebral palsy is always a challenge. So if Bob can do it, so can I, and his story is very inspirational to me. And I now have to go find the place where he learned to ski, because I've always wanted to ski but never quite had the balance for it.

But most of the book isn't about Fuss's struggle with a disability; in fact, it really isn't about that at all. It's about the exciting business of being a journalist and news correspondent, and all the crazy adventures he has while doing it.

Politics: It has to be a good book if I enjoyed reading stories about Fuss covering political campaigns just as much as I enjoyed the travel parts, and I did. I even learned some stuff I never knew.

Any way you slice it, this is a fun, humorous, and inspirational book to read. It isn't too long, and there aren't any parts that I found boring to get through. I loved all of it, and I think you will too.

My mother thinks the book is great. Here are some other reviews from Amazon. 

√ "One thing I never tried to do as a kid was go on an escalator"
By Bassocantor TOP 100 REVIEWER on March 9, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
KIDNAPPED BY NUNS is a fun, insightful read by a veteran journalist. Whilst reading his book, I could almost hear Bob's familiar voice, having heard it so often on the radio.

I found this "behind-the-scenes" adventure to be fascinating, seeing what really happens on the presidential campaigns, or covering disasters throughout the world. I won't spoil it for the reader, but when Bob was kidnapped by nuns, the nuns really did not mean any harm--they were really trying to help him because of his apparent handicap. On that subject, the author spends only a brief time talking about his disability, which left him handicapped. As a young boy, Bob was not coddled by his mother, who was wise enough to know that he was going to have to learn to get up on his own when he fell. Bob does tell the reader of the times he was unfairly treated, but he doesn't dwell on those incidents of shabby treatment.

The author notes that there was a little bit of a skeptic in him right from the beginning. This trait showed up in less than stellar marks in citizenship: "I always had top grades in academic subjects but on the citizenship side there is always a lower mark for obedience. I never did good at that. Being slightly disrespectful of authority is a common trait among journalist and helps us do our job."

Bob recounts all the wonderful times he had as a radio reporter for national firms: "Radio reporters are one-man bands and we had to carry, set up, and run all of our own equipment. There was a lot of heavy gear to carry." On the other hand, a radio reporter has a lot more freedom: "You have total creative control over the product you put out...Every aspect of the product that goes on the radio is under your control. "

As a radio reporter, the author really had to be ready for the big story--sometimes before it actually happened. Whenever Bob covered the Oscars, he prepared the big news beforehand--that is, he guessed the award for Best Picture. He was able to get it right most of the time, but occasionally the Academy didn't get it right, and Bob had to rewrite his report.

√ All in all, KIDNAPPED BY NUNS is a fun, enjoyable read. As you might expect from a veteran reporter, the book is well-written and well-organized. I really enjoyed hearing the stories about all of the adventures the author found himself in, especially the times with the presidential contenders. It sounds like the author really had a wonderful career as a radio reporter. I admit I am a little envious of the author's experiences. I bet we hear lots more from Bob!

Out From Behind The Microphone
By Stephen A. Taylor on March 12, 2015
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Reporters get to see a lot, but the author of this absorbing memoir has covered eight presidents and fifteen Oscar ceremonies as well as countless other memorable events: earthquakes and wildfires, coups and conflicts, space missions and Super Bowls. Bob Fuss has traveled up the Amazon and down the Grand Canyon, explored the Americas from Alaska's North Slope to the southern tip of Chile, visited dozens of other countries and every state. He's heard the empty promises of politicians and seen the joys and sorrows of ordinary people. During a Pope's visit to Mexico, he wandered innocently into the hilarious situation captured in the book's title. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, he witnessed the turn of the millennium… twice.

He reported most of it on the radio and he tells all of it in this book.

Fuss's tales are vivid, warm and funny. If you know his work on CBS and, earlier, at Mutual, NBC and UPI, you'll hear that voice in this book: clear, compelling, authoritative and friendly. Few writers have Bob Fuss's gift for explaining complicated situations, and even fewer have his sense of what's right, what's wrong and what's ridiculous.

You will enjoy this book immensely.

Besides living an interesting life Bob never forgot to have a great time
ByDenis Vukosav TOP 100 REVIEWERon March 25, 2015
Format: Paperback
‘Kidnapped By Nuns’ written by Bob Fuss is an entertaining, well-written compilation of memories of a man who because of strong will and other positive personality traits managed to achieve a remarkable career, and besides living an interesting life never forgot to have a great time.

Fuss, a debut book author, with his work that arouses interest starting with its name, told a detailed story about his life, his education, national radio reporter career, all interesting and demanding events he covered, travels he embarked from Andorra to Zimbabwe, spiced with a bit of politics.

Due to his demanding reporter activities, Fuss managed to meet numerous known persons from world of politics and show biz, hence his book is not only his autobiography, but also a record of the times that he covered with it, all turbulent and funny events he was part of, all the unusual and entertaining people with Bob worked with.

Summarized in one sentence, Bob Fuss with ‘Kidnapped By Nuns’ managed to write a book that feels authentic in same time succeeding to entertain reader and make one laugh numerous times –making his memoirs written in not so usual form a book well-worth reader’s time.